Essential tips to successfully manage an in-house legal team

Written by: Sarah Smith
Published on: 11 Sep 2020

Essential tips to successfully manage an in-house legal team.

We spoke to Amanda Gill, managing director at Deutsche Bank and a member of the Law Society’s in-house division committee, to ask what tips she would recommend any manager to consider when managing a legal team.

Eliminate unconscious bias

Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) is essential for any team to reach its full potential. Understand the importance of self-awareness and the role it plays in tackling unconscious bias.

Training & Development

Failure to ensure your team’s development is a terrible mistake.

With the risks posed by our broad complex roles, ever-increasing regulations, heightened public scrutiny, and evolving business models, keeping up with best practice and the latest regulatory changes has never been so important.

The Law Society will soon be inviting in-house lawyers to test the new learning and development platform – Law Society Learning. Designed to enable you to conveniently develop the skills and knowledge you need to safeguard your organisation. Look out for your invite.


Networking is extremely important if you want a high quality in-house legal team. Developing valuable relationships can lead to efficiency and increased knowledge. The current climate is making networking difficult but not impossible. There are many providers including the Law Society who are developing virtual events.

Take a look at the Law Society’s upcoming virtual events.

Know your business, know your market

Encourage team members to understand the wider context of your business. Knowing the bigger picture helps to increase motivation and can reduce mistakes.

Knowledge sharing and collaboration

Teams that share knowledge and collaborate are more successful and cohesive.

Embrace change

The current climate has highlighted the importance of adaptability. Keeping up with the latest technology opportunities available and ensuring your team are prepared to adapt to changes is essential.

Make the difficult decisions

If a team member isn’t up to scratch, despite your best efforts to develop and integrate, it can be detrimental to the rest of your teams moral and effectiveness to persevere.

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