How to maintain a positive workplace whilst working from home

Written by: Beth Rowley
Published on: 2 Mar 2021

Company culture is such an important part of not only a successful business but also a happy workforce. A perceived negative workspace can be a deal-breaker for many candidates, so it is important to emphasize the positive attributes of being an employee at your firm. But how do you maintain this culture whilst working from home?

Communication is key

Home working is new territory for most and with added responsibilities of home-schooling and caring, employees can become overwhelmed. Make sure to have regular check ins with your team so you can keep informed on how they are feeling and performing but also for them to raise any ideas, worries or concerns they may have. Lack of communication can lead to poor performance and isolation, which is currently the most common problem among remote workers, as many people are lacking the connection and interaction with loved ones.

Team Building

Despite not physically being in the same room, you can still conduct team building activities thanks to video conferencing. It’s worth organising virtual team meetings to allow the workforce to maintain balance, a feel of some normality and a positive culture even whilst remote working. Virtual coffee mornings, lunchtime chats and online team quizzes are just some of the activities your firm can do.  This will positively impact on your employee’s mental health but also increase motivation.

We spoke to The Law Society’s Katharine Bollon, Head of Capability and Talent, about how informal team interactions can make us feel more connected and have a positive impact on morale:

“When having to work remotely, it can be all too easy to just focus on delivery and hitting the numbers. What makes a real positive impact on those outputs is investing time with your team on supporting the inputs – ideas, energy and motivation. We have replaced the informal passing chat in the corridor or a cup of tea in the canteen together with regular 121s using video to make eye contact and hosting team sessions on e.g.: quizzes, gardening, pets, art. These all help us to stay connected and to create a culture that is creative, open and where we value each other’s inputs.”  

Employee motivation

Having a positive work environment will result in higher levels of employee motivation. Whether it be from fellow employees or management, rewarding small accomplishments and encouraging further drive within your team can have a huge impact on the positive dynamic.

Communication, team building exercises and a strong sense of motivation leads to job satisfaction. Ultimately this helps improve workplace culture by ensuring your employees are happy and committed.

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