Meet your Account Manager: Anthon Linton

Written by: Cristina Mancuso
Published on: 22 Sep 2020

Helping clients fill their vacancies is a responsibility we don't take lightly. You need to know your role is in safe hands. Meet our dedicated Account Managers.



Anthon Linton


 Anthon [square]


Anthon has worked at the Law Society for 18 months and has 4 years’ experience managing recruitment jobs boards. 

He helps recruitment consultants and a wide range of direct employers to navigate the range of options available to attract and engage with our members.

We've asked Anthon Linton five key questions to help put a face to the name and give you a hint of his expertise. 


What is the biggest recruitment challenge your clients are currently facing?


Uncertainty – Not knowing what is around the corner is making it really difficult for my clients to make arrangements for the future and also implement existing plans.


This means a lot of clients’ plans have been left up in the air, on pause until they know more about what to expect next and how it will need to be delivered.


What are the main mistakes clients make when recruiting a new role?


I would say not selling themselves enough in their job description – People work for companies they admire, respect and value - not highlighting why you are a firm someone should want to work for is often missing from job descriptions - and definitely missing a trick.


What is the one most important piece of advice you have for clients currently recruiting?


Provide feedback if you can to all applicants, it goes a long way to let someone know they have not been successful and will encourage them to apply again if the opportunity arises. Leaving applicants in limbo in terms of their application can often result in resentment and a reluctance to apply again.


What three words would you use to describe working in legal recruitment?


Exciting, Varied, Educational


What is your favourite food to eat?


Meat – All/Any kind


Reach a large, diverse audience of legal talent and find the right fit for your firm.


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