Online solutions to enhance your recruitment search

Written by: Beth Rowley
Published on: 8 Jun 2021

The rise in technological solutions has resulted in an acceleration of the recruitment process, and the last year has certainly shown the benefits. Even though the recruitment market took a huge hit in 2020, data has shown that it is bouncing back.

 In recent years, online recruitment methods have significantly increased and for good reason. There are many platforms you can use to target your candidates such as social media, job boards and paid search. Utilising these solutions correctly could enhance your candidate search significantly and help you find the right fit for your firm. But how do they work? Let’s take a look at the technical solutions recruiters have been using and explain how these will positively impact your recruitment process.

Jobs boards

Online jobs boards are a great source for both recruiters and candidates. Businesses can advertise vacancies and accept applications whilst candidates can see recent job opportunities all in one place. Your organisation has access to a wide range of active job seekers. Some job boards only show roles from specific professions and therefore you will be reaching a more targeted audience than on social media. Also, jobs boards are a great place to advertise your firm. You can create an ‘about’ section for your company where you can promote your firm to potential candidates. Ensure you have all your company information including your website, a description of what you do and about your company culture.

The job advert is the most important part when trying to attract the right talent. Read our top 10 tips for writing an effective job ad.

Twitter and LinkedIn

LinkedIn is known as the ‘professional networking site’ and is an essential tool for recruiters. There are currently 740 million users in 200 countries and reports show 40% access daily. You can reach a large number of qualified professionals by posting a vacancy. Make sure you know exactly who you are targeting and use hashtags on your posts to increase the chance of reaching that audience.

If you are a recruiter who has a constant stream of job opportunities, Twitter is great platform to share these. Like LinkedIn, having an idea of the type of candidates you want to target will be beneficial. According to statistics from January 2021, the highest age demographic is 35-49 with 28.4% of users within that category. This is followed by 24-35 (26.6%) and 18-24 (25.2%).

Social media is a beneficial tool for recruiters because it spreads the word about new roles to both active and passive candidates as well getting a better insight of potential new employees. Keeping your own social media up to date is also important as this is easily accessible by candidates and you want them to see your company as an attractive place to work.

Paid search

Paid search is a form of digital marketing where search engines such as Google and Bing allow advertisers to share their ads on the results page. Utilising paid search can further extend your reach to anywhere in the world. By using filters you can target specific audiences such as age groups and location. When creating your advert use key words so that when a job seeker types those into the search engine, your role appears.

Many businesses are still working remotely or are implementing a flexible hybrid of working so your recruitment search can have less boundaries. If your potential candidate can work remotely, then you are able to target your adverts to various locations. 

The increasingly virtual recruitment process has made candidates more accessible and easier to communicate with. Not only this, using adverts and job posts can increase brand awareness and promote your company to both active and passive candidates. By utilising online recruitment techniques, you can ensure an easier and more efficient process.

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