Successful legal recruitment: How to write an effective job ad

Written by: Sarah Smith
Published on: 14 Jul 2020

Top Tips writing an effective job ad

In a competitive marketplace you need your advert to stand out and appeal to your ideal candidates.

Take a look at our top 10 tips for writing an effective job ad.

#1 Be Concise.

Job hunting can be very time consuming. Job seekers may be put off by long winded adverts.

#2 Be candidate-centric

Be sure to grab your ideal candidates’ attention, focusing on what’s in it for them. Consider what they will want to know.

#3 Search optimise your ad

Consider what search terms your ideal candidate may use to find your opportunity.

#4 Attractive Job Title

Use a job title that will appeal to, and resonate with, your target candidates. Consider what job title your ideal candidates would search for. Don’t use internal terminology here.

#5 Short candidate-centric introduction

A short, clear introduction focused around the job will enable potential applicants to quickly assess if it’s worth them reading any further.

#6 Highlight key role responsibilities

List between three and five key tasks they will be expected to undertake. Where possible, relate these to a business objective. Remember, this is not a job description so don’t overload with detail.

#7 Person specification – Quality over Quantity

You don’t want to waste your valuable time sifting through the CV’s of candidates who haven’t got the skills or experience you need. Be clear about what attributes you are looking for.

#8 Rewards

Be upfront and clear about salary and other benefits of the role. Flexible working and location can often be as equally appealing as salary levels.

#9 Your Firm or Organisation

Sell your firm. Give a brief description of the practice areas and areas of expertise you cover. Indicate the size of your firm and your culture. Be concise here and don’t overload.

#10 Clear Call to Action

Make the next steps to applying clear and as simple a process as possible. Request any information you want candidates to share at this stage.

Remember, your recruitment ad is only the first step in your recruitment process.

Reach a large, diverse audience of legal talent and find the right fit for your firm.

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