Top 3 tips for successful recruitment in 2021 – Clear and Concise job postings

Written by: Cristina Mancuso
Published on: 6 Apr 2021

Recruiters faced a lot of uncertainty in 2020 but according to LinkedIn data, the legal market has experienced the strongest rebound in hiring. To help you with your recruitment process, we asked our expert account managers what tips they would give to ensure successful recruitment in 2021. This week we spoke to Rakesh Punj:

“You need to make your job post clear and concise. Marking out location and qualifications required.

70% of all adverts are read on a mobile phone. So please make it mobile friendly with clear bullet points if possible.

Including a wage brings a better response. Please include this if possible as people know their net worth.

Remember candidates will scroll through many job posts so make it user friendly and place yourself in the candidate’s shoes.”

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