Top 3 tips for successful recruitment in 2021 – Think like a candidate

Written by: Beth Rowley
Published on: 2 Mar 2021

Recruiters faced a lot of uncertainty in 2020 but according to LinkedIn data the legal market has experienced the strongest rebound in hiring. To help you with your recruitment process, we asked our expert account managers what tips they would give to ensure successful recruitment in 2021. This week we spoke to Anthon Linton:

“My biggest tip would be to think Like a Candidate – What is most important to them during a job search? How can you make the application process simpler and easier for candidates to find information and apply?

Often recruiters make candidates jump through too many hoops to make it on to the shortlist – provide a cover letter, register on dedicated ATS system, do not exceed 400 words on description etc…

All these hoops will drastically effect your application conversion rates and will limit your potential talent pool if users are put of jumping in.”

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