Top 3 tips for successful recruitment in 2021 – Share information on your company culture

Written by: Beth Rowley
Published on: 11 May 2021

Recruiters faced a lot of uncertainty in 2020 but according to LinkedIn data the legal market has experienced the strongest rebound in hiring. To help you with your recruitment process, we asked our expert account managers what tips they would give to ensure successful recruitment in 2021. This week we spoke to Sasha Kum:

“Including information on the experience of working with your company/organization as an employee gives candidates an idea of what they can expect and is a good way to create good sense of optimism about working with you. This feeling of optimism can potentially lead to influencing the candidate to apply, alongside a clear outline of the role and related tasks. 

The application process is key. I would recommend providing at least one electronic method for applications, for example either a direct link to your website if you have the role displayed there, or email for CV. Leaving only a phone number can lead to missing applicants based on when it maybe a convenient time to speak.

In 2021 more candidates are thinking about flexibility.  If this is something you offer, then it is key to highlight so you capture the candidates that are looking for this specially.”

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