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Written by: Cristina Mancuso
Published on: 20 Nov 2020

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Working to ensure everyone has the equal opportunity to search, apply and post jobs


The engine behind Gazette Jobs, Madgex, is continually working to increase the accessibility and usability of our jobs board. 


It’s important to us both that everyone has the equal opportunity to search, apply and post jobs.


Earlier this year, they commissioned an accessibility audit of their jobs boards by the Digital Accessibility Centre (DAC). Using a range of assistive technologies to navigate the site, such as screen readers, voice activated software, keyboard only (no mouse), and screen magnification, a team of disabled users (with a range of disabilities including no or low vision, dyslexia, and mobility impairment) tested the key user journeys on mobile and desktop devices. 


Without disability testing many of the issues wouldn’t have been identified. How would your firm’s website fair?


Summary of key improvements 

Additional messages for Screen readers.

Visually impaired users will not be able to access visual information with a screen reader, elements that rely on being communicated visually such as mandatory fields marked with a red dot, or character count on cover letter or description fields, need and have been given additional labelling. 


Clear focus when navigating.

Ensuring clear labelling has also been added to ensure those using keyboard only or Screen Readers can easily navigate elements such as accordion style drop boxes and pop up messages.


Headings and page structure.

Users with Screen Readers use headers and links to navigate a site. Madgex have ensured all pages have at least one H1 header and other headers are nested correctly.


New Accessibility Improvements to date include:


1: Improved shortlist/save button on the job lister so that it includes the job title for screen readers.

2: Added better grouping for checkboxes for screen readers.

3: Added 'required' indicator for required form fields for screen readers.

4: Improved search employers’ box for screen readers.

5: Improved the validation of account creation form: the summary box above the form now shows validation errors and each includes a clickable link to the corresponding field.

6: Made the Search jobs h1 more accessible for screen readers.

7: Improved accessibility of icons and logos.

8: Removed some icons for screen readers where the corresponding information is unhelpful.


This is an ongoing commitment; the audit's remaining suggestions will be rolled out to both our Jobseeker and Recruiter sites over the coming months.


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