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  • Looking for a remote legal job? These firms are hiring

    9 Nov 2020| Rachael Gordon

    Before Covid-19, working from home was the exception to the rule and decidedly not the norm - especially for law firms. If you’ve found that you prefer working from home or want to be a digital nomad, we pulled together a list of firms that are hiring for you to browse or apply for today.

  • Companies are still recruiting during COVID-19 — here are 5 legal recruiters who want to hear from you

    30 Sep 2020| Rachael Gordon

    From commercial property to employment law, there are hundreds of roles available right now. Browse through these companies and their open positions—now’s the time to apply.

  • How can I change specialism within the law?

    7 Sep 2020| Laura Uberoi

    Laura Uberoi, Council Member at the Law Society discusses the considerations to take into account when changing specialisms within the law.

  • The pros and cons of taking contract roles

    7 Sep 2020| Jason Connolly

    Jason Connolly from JMC Legal discusses the pros and cons of taking contract legal roles.

  • Usability and Accessibility

    20 Nov 2020| Cristina Mancuso

    The engine behind Gazette Jobs board carried out an accessibility audit. Without disability testing many of the issues wouldn’t have been identified. How would your firm’s website fair?

  • 5 new public sector legal roles to explore today

    1 Oct 2020| Rachael Gordon

    Over 6 million people in the UK work in the public sector across schools, councils and emergency services. Working in the public sector has many advantages – especially now, in a time of uncertainty. The flexibility, perceived job security and sense of purpose are huge draws for many solicitors.

  • Starting a new legal job remotely? Here’s how to make the best of it

    8 Sep 2020| Rachael Gordon

    The Covid-19 pandemic has changed everything about our lives, and most notably, the way we do our jobs.