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  • Navigating 2024: Salary trends in private practice and public sector law

    • 29 Feb 2024
    • Faith Kelly and Ellie Warde, Sellick Partnership

    As legal professionals prepare for another year of challenges and opportunities, understanding the forecast for salary trends, combined with the growing importance of flexibility and career advancement, is paramount for legal teams looking to expand. Here we have highlighted some of the top trends we are witnessing right now, as well as what we expect in the coming months within both private practice and public sector teams.

  • Making the move In-House

    • 28 Feb 2024
    • Charlotte Williams, Chadwick Nott

    During the last decade we have seen considerable growth in the number of lawyers working in-house coupled with an increasing trend for companies to appoint their first in-house counsel. This growth has been even more evident in the regions in both commerce & industry and ‘not for profit’ & charitable organisations.

  • The rise of mid-career pivots: chasing dream jobs beyond the traditional path

    • 26 Feb 2024
    • Sasha Kum, Recruitment Account Manager

    Increasingly, individuals are re-evaluating their career paths and opting for mid-career pivots in pursuit of their passion projects and dream jobs. This trend reflects a shifting mindset towards prioritising fulfilment, purpose, and personal growth over conventional markers of success.

  • Digital Nomadism: the benefits and drawbacks of combining work with travel

    • 21 Feb 2024
    • Sasha Kum, Recruitment Account Manager

    Is embracing the digital nomad lifestyle the way to go? In recent years, the digital nomad lifestyle has gained immense popularity, offering individuals the freedom to work remotely while exploring the world. This fusion of work and travel presents a plethora of opportunities along with its fair share of challenges. Let's delve into the benefits and drawbacks of embracing the digital nomad lifestyle.

  • Empowering tomorrow’s legal minds: Early career support and apprenticeships

    • 20 Feb 2024
    • Rakesh Punj, Regional Account Manager

    Navigating a legal career path can be a daunting journey, especially in the early stages of one's professional development. In this piece, we delve into some of the support and opportunities available to emerging legal talent.

  • Deciding to quit your job

    Making the Decision to Quit Your Job: Considerations and Approaches

    • 8 Feb 2024
    • Stephen Pamnani, Recruitment Account Manager

    Deciding whether to quit your job is a significant life choice that requires careful consideration and strategic planning. Whether prompted by dissatisfaction, career advancement opportunities, or personal circumstances, weighing the pros and cons of leaving your current position is essential.  

  • Positive thinking

    The Power of Positive Thinking: Navigating Job Search with Optimism

    • 8 Feb 2024
    • Stephen Pamnani, Recruitment Account Manager

    In the realm of job hunting, the mindset we adopt plays a pivotal role in shaping our outcomes. Positive and negative thinking can significantly impact our journey towards finding the right job role. While both perspectives have their merits, understanding how each influences our actions and outcomes can be instrumental in achieving career success.

  • How to Excel at Business Development

    • 23 Jan 2024
    • Jules Grieve, Head of Scotland Market, JMC Legal Recruitment

    In an increasingly competitive legal landscape, it has never been more important for lawyers to hone their business development skills. Client relationships are the bedrock of all law firms and in parallel, the success of individual lawyers' careers is inextricably linked to their ability to establish, develop, and maintain these critical relationships.

  • Predictions for the 2024 Legal Recruitment Market

    • 18 Jan 2024
    • Amy Walker, Head of Marketing, G2 Legal Limited

    We enter 2024 with cautious optimism. The UK labour market is currently tight, economic forecasters are predicting that interest rates will be cut later in the year, partly due to lowering inflation throughout 2023. Presently there is much speculation about the economy and the impact that the general election will have later in the year. What does this all mean for the legal recruitment market in 2024?

  • AI and the Legal Profession

    • 16 Jan 2024
    • William Webster, Associate, Chadwick Nott

    I’m sure everyone reading this right now is aware of AI, having seen many recent articles in the mainstream media. There is no doubt that the advancement in this technology has potentially huge ramifications across many different industries, including the legal sector. I’m hoping to address some key areas in this article, including AI’s current influence on legal work and what it could achieve in the future, alongside the inherent risks and opinions in the legal sector.

  • Leveraging personality types in the recruitment process

    • 8 Jan 2024
    • Rakesh Punj, Regional Account Manager

    As we step into 2024, the landscape of talent acquisition is continuously evolving, with recruiters increasingly recognising the significance of considering personality types when making hiring decisions. In this article, we explore the growing trend of integrating personality types into the 2024 recruitment process and how it can contribute to the overall success of organisations.

  • Elevating success in 2024: New Year resolutions for managers

    • 3 Jan 2024
    • Sasha Kum, Recruitment Account Manager

    As we step into the promising landscape of 2024, managers are at the forefront of driving its success. In this article, we explore ten New Year resolutions tailored for managers and recruiters aimed at fostering a more productive and engaging workplace.

  • Key takeaways from the 2023 legal workspace

    • 15 Dec 2023
    • Rakesh Punj, Regional Account Manager

    As this year comes to a close, let us contemplate the key takeaways of 2023’s legal workspace and what developments we will continue to implement in 2024. As we reflect, it becomes evident that innovation, collaboration, and adaptability are at the forefront of the legal profession.

  • Nurturing mental health and wellbeing during the legal job search

    • 7 Dec 2023
    • Rakesh Punj, Regional Account Manager

    Embarking on the legal job search journey can be a demanding and challenging process, therefore prioritising your mental wellbeing is paramount. Here are 10 strategies to help you maintain a healthy mindset throughout the legal job search.

  • How can technology streamline the legal recruitment process?

    • 1 Dec 2023
    • Sasha Kum, Recruitment Account Manager

    Technology has played a crucial role in transforming and streamlining various industries, and the legal sector is no exception. The legal recruitment process, which involves sourcing, screening, interviewing, and hiring candidates for legal positions, has benefited significantly from advancements in technology. Here are some key ways in which technology has streamlined the legal recruitment process.

  • Recruitment agents or direct employers? The pros and cons

    • 21 Nov 2023
    • Rakesh Punj, Regional Account Manager

    The choice between using recruitment agents or applying directly to employers depends on a variety of factors. This piece will break down the pros and cons of each option, allowing you to make a more informed decision between the two.

  • Why December is a Good Month For Job Seekers

    • 17 Nov 2023
    • Stephen Pamnani, Recruitment Account Manager

    December is often associated with holiday festivities and winding down for the year, but for those in the legal sector, it might just be the opportune moment to embark on a job search. Contrary to the common belief that hiring activity slows down during this time, December presents unique advantages for those looking to carve a new path in their legal careers.

  • Career goals vs career impact

    • 3 Nov 2023
    • Stephen Pamnani, Recruitment Account Manager

    Achieving career goals is hard and achieving career impact is even harder. Read more about the two concepts and why it matters to pursue both.

  • Transitioning your legal career from in-house to private practice

    • 19 Oct 2023
    • Stephen Pamnani, Recruitment Account Manager

    Transitioning your legal career from an in-house role to private practice can be a rewarding move that offers new challenges and opportunities for professional growth. While the two environments have distinct characteristics, your skills and experience gained in-house can be valuable assets in a law firm setting. Here's a guide to successfully navigate this transition.

  • Looking for a new job? Three things to consider before signing a new contract.

    • 16 Oct 2023
    • Stephen Pamnani, Recruitment Account Manager

    The job search process is accompanied with unknowns and things to consider. Here are three things to consider when looking for your next job.