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Good Law Practice

About Good Law Practice

We defend, define, and change the law to protect the environment, uphold democracy, and ensure no one is left behind. 

Good Law Practice is a not-for-profit law firm that uses the law for a better world. We are independent and SRA-regulated. We are a relatively new organisation with a friendly, energetic, and motivated team. We are hiring a defamation law specialist to join us as a pivotal member of our legal team, playing a vital role in defending the voices of activists against threats from wealthy individuals or corporations while actively countering attempts to stifle public participation.

The Practice was set up by Good Law Project (GLP), who retain ownership. GLP is our main client, but we also act for other clients in the NGO, campaign, and Not for Profit sectors. GLP is a not-for-profit campaign organisation which uses the law to hold power to account, protect the environment, and ensure no one is left behind. GLP had a primary role in overturning the prorogation of Parliament in 2019, shone a bright light on the Government’s awarding of lucrative Covid contracts to their friends and associates, and is working with activists who are being silenced in the Crown Courts and being subjected to injunction proceedings.

Good Law Practice shares the GLP’s values of bravery, honesty and decisiveness and is similarly committed to the highest possible standard of ethical conduct in all its activities."

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