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Huge Potential
13 Sep 2017
29 Sep 2017

Solicitors have been told throughout their training that they need to work towards Partnership.  You have been told that this is the pinnacle of your career.

This has been used to get assistant's and associates to work extremely long hours billing as much as possible just working towards that goal mainly rewarding the people above you.

The world has moved on and now there are far more interesting models available with a real chance to earn a lot more far quicker without the risks associated with partnership.  It is now possible to earn more than the partners you have looked up to without the risk associated with LLP's and Partnerships.

With consultancy roles it allows you to build up your practice in the same way you would to justify you position in partnership but whilst you are doing it you will earn significantly more (potentially 80% of billing).  As a simple example if you were to bill 200k as an associate you would earn between 50k and 60k.  Working this way you would earn nearer 130k-140k for exactly the same amount of work.....

Its definitely worth looking into further.

Get in contact for more information on 0203 5514862 or 07787243806 and ask for Alex.

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