Lawyers, fall back in love with your career - Nationwide

For years the legal landscape has become more and more difficult for lawyers.

  • Support has been taken away.  
  • More emphasis has been put on business development without the support to achieve this effectively and when you do you don't get properly rewarded for it.  
  • Targets have been raised but salaries have not.  
  • Endless meetings both at a junior and senior level
  • as well as a complete lack of spare time due to being expected to work long hours to achieve whats expected.

This is the opposite:

  • Full support
  • Any work you bring in you will be directly rewarded for (up to 80% of your billing ends up in your pocket)
  • No targets and very generous earning potential
  • There are no meetings unless you want to attend them
  • You control when you work and who you work for on your terms.  You can even work from home if that suits you whist still taking advantage of all the support.

There is also a marketing/business development team at your disposal to assist you with building your case load.  

With this freedom and flexibility as well as dramatically increased earning potential it would be very hard not to fall back in love with your career.....

All applications are carefully considered.  For more information please call Alex on 020 35514862 or 07787 243806.


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