Join the Revolution (Solicitors)- Best Earning Potential Available

New models are appearing all the time in law with investment becoming available, ABS’s and umbrella organisations gobbling up firms.  The legal press spends a lot of time talking about all of these but rarely talk about consultancy/displaced law firms as the real threat to standard law firms.

They are a double threat to standard firms as they offer lawyers a better working environment and more money whilst also giving them all the support they would expect from a normal firms.  Clients also benefit from having senior lawyers looking after them rather than the work being handed down to more junior lawyers.  

Increasingly this is becoming a more popular way of lawyers working as it puts the emphasis back on them.

The firm leading the charge already has over 200 contracted consultants based around the whole country.  They are constantly looking to develop this and have launched a more commercial offering to significantly grow its City business.  They have a number of Senior Lawyers with high profile clients and they are looking to build on this base.

If you think you need something new and exciting in your career then why not look into this in a bit more detail.

One call or email could truly change your life.

Please call Alex on 020 3551 4862 or 07787 243806 for further information.

All applications will be carefully considered and treated with the strictest of confidence.

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