Consultancy with Support and Highly Paid!

Consultancy opportunities are becoming increasingly popular across England and Wales and a number of firms are looking to make their mark in this market.

Lawyers are increasingly looking for better ways to work which reward them for the work they bring in and the efforts they make whilst also giving them the freedom and the flexibility to do it on their terms.

Consultancy is able to offer this and increasingly the legal community are seeing this as a real alternative to standard partnership model worlds. 

One firm in particular is really making their mark nationally in this market.  In 4/5 years they have gone from about 10 consultants to now having in excess of 150 across the country.

The way they are different is they have been set up to give lawyers what they want.  Be that a good work life balance of the potential to earn huge sums off of they work they do, the firm has been set up to help the lawyers achieve this.

They have very sophisticated technology and support to enable lawyers to work from wherever they choose whilst still being able to benefit from the firms support services including secretarial support, trainees, paralegals, post preparation, marketing and much more.

They really are the leading light in this market and are always looking to develop their offering to cement their position.

If this could be what your looking for or if you would just like some more information please feel free to get in touch.

All applications will be carefully considered and treated with the strictest confidence.

If you would like more information feel free to call 0203 551 4862.

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