Expert Consultants

A cloud-based innovative ABS firm continuing to expand and recruiting Expert Consultants in all areas of law

Are you an Expert in your field of law with +8 years pqe?

Got the potential to generate, or are you currently generating, billing with a following?

Fed up of the daily trudge to the office? Want the flexibility to work from home or anywhere in the world?

Would you like to live abroad (or do so already) and continue practising UK law?

Already a self-employed Consultant and looking for a new home, you will have direct access to the Partners who provide support for you and your practice.  As we state below we pay your practising expenses and do not ask for a contribution to any PI excess.

We do the admin. We do the management. We pay your practising expenses. You just do the fee earning.

Visit us at now for more information
Stewart 07920 114572
Raanan 07956 432616



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