Barrister Jobs

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What is a barrister?

In the UK, barristers are specialists in court advocacy and are legal advisors that have the right to represent clients in court. Barristers may be self-employed, work in chambers or work alongside solicitors. Barristers provide expert legal advice, conduct cross-examinations, and make compelling arguments to support their clients' cases. A good barrister must have excellent courtroom advocacy skills and expertise in legal matters.

What do barristers do?

Barristers play a crucial role in the legal system, representing clients in court and providing their clients with expert legal advice. A barrister’s role can be summarised by these three core responsibilities: courtroom advocacy, legal advisory work, and professional ethics.

As a courtroom advocate, barristers must represent their client during a court trial. They must prepare their case by conducting legal research, gathering evidence, and building arguments that they can present to a judge and jury. Barristers will be expected to cross-examine witnesses and challenge opposing arguments.

Barristers will be expected to offer legal advice to clients and/or solicitors. Barristers will often need to interpret legal issues and assess the potential outcomes of a case and what strategies should be undertaken. Most barristers will have specialised knowledge in areas such as crime, family, commercial, or administrative law. Their advice can influence the decisions made by clients or solicitors regarding legal proceedings.

Barristers must maintain impartiality and avoid conflicts of interest to ensure fair representation of their clients.

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