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What does a commercial conveyancing solicitor do?

The main role of a conveyancing solicitor is to ensure the transfer of title on a commercial property from one person or company to another. Commercial property solicitors may be dealing with legal issues concerning properties such as a hotels, restaurants, petrol stations or warehouses.

What is the difference between commercial conveyancing and residential conveyancing?

Commercial conveyancing tends to involve a business premises rather than personal use such as buying a home. Buying and selling commercial properties is generally a more complex process than for residential transactions due to the details and finances involved. The key difference between commercial and residential conveyancing is the need for a commercial lease.

What are the general duties of commercial conveyancing solicitors?

The general duties of a commercial conveyancing solicitor include, but are not limited to:

 • Drafting and preparing relevant documentation such as lease agreements.
• Applying for necessary planning permissions.
• Negotiation property transactions.
• Structuring arrangements for conveyancing.

Where can I find commercial conveyancing jobs?

If your specialism is in commercial conveyancing, or you are looking to move sectors, find your next role with us. We have vacancies from a wide range of companies, where you can develop your skills and knowledge of buying, selling, or leasing land, office space and industrial areas. For other legal property jobs, search under our landlord and tenant and commercial property practice areas. To receive new roles in this practice area direct to your inbox, sign up to our job alerts by email.