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What does a criminal lawyer do?

A criminal lawyer is a legal professional working within the field of law relating to criminal offence. A criminal lawyer will either be responsible for the defence of prosecution side. The work of a solicitor practising in crime will vary considerably depending on the type of criminal work undertaken and whether you are a defence or prosecution solicitor.

Some criminal lawyers will work in areas of general crime, while others may work for specialist firms undertaking white collar crime. Unlike a prosecutor who is responsible for proving a person is guilty, a defence lawyer will represent the person being charged and will guide their client throughout the entire process of a criminal charge. They may be present during police interviews and the court proceedings.

What is the salary of a criminal lawyer?

On average, criminal lawyers earn between £32,000-£42,000 depending on the area. Those working in London can expect to earn higher, with an average salary for a senior criminal law solicitor in London sitting at around £52,000.

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*Salary statistics taken from Glassdoor 2022 figures.