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What is employment law?

Employment law refers to the field of law governing the relationship between employers and employees. It plays a pivotal role in maintaining fairness and equity in workplaces across various industries. Employment solicitors or lawyers will need to navigate the intricate balance of rights and responsibilities for all parties involved. The work of an employment lawyer will either concern an employee and their respective rights and obligations or the employer’s ones. For employees, these laws serve several essential purposes:

  • Preventing Discrimination: Employment laws aim to eliminate discrimination in the workplace, ensuring equal treatment for all
  • Promoting Safer Work Environments: Safer working environments are created by setting adequate standards and regulations
  • Establishing minimum required level for economic support
  • Resolving Disputes: Employment laws offer mechanisms to resolve disputes and prevent work disruptions arising from conflicts between employers and employees

What is an employment lawyer?

An employment lawyer must uphold the laws that govern the relationships between employers and their staff. Their duty is to ensure that both employers and employees understand and uphold their rights, duties, and obligations to each other within the framework of current employment law.
The work of an employment lawyer can generally be divided into two types:

Non-Contentious Support Work:

  • Providing Legal Advice: Employment lawyers offer advice relative to individual cases and explain any applicable laws and regulations
  • Drafting Contracts: Lawyers working in employment law will often need to advise or draft legally sound employment contracts that protect the interests of all parties
  • Managing and Overseeing Restructures, Buyouts and Mergers

Contentious Claim Support

Employment lawyers may be expected to assist employees pursue or make claim overs breaches of contract, employment tribunal matters, or cases that involve discrimination, harassment, or unfair dismissal of an employee. Employment lawyers may also need to assess, evaluate, and provide advice on the merits of employee claims. When disputes escalate, they will also need to represent clients during employment tribunal cases, in such cases, an employment lawyer may represent either the employee or employer.

What is the salary of an employment lawyer?

On average, employment lawyers earn between £46-000-60,000 depending on the area. Those working in London can expect to earn higher, the average salary for a senior employment lawyer in London may be above £80,000.

Where can I find job in employment law?

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