Legal In House Jobs

What do in-house lawyers do?

In-house legal job roles involve looking after the legal needs of the organisation, whereas private practice lawyers will work for a range of external clients. The work of an in-house lawyer will vary according to the nature of the business and the size of the legal team. Many in-house lawyers will be responsible for providing legal advice, aiding decision making and the general operation of the company you work for.

This could involve reviewing a company’s compliance with ethical and regulatory standards or investigations how legal risk can be managed to help the company increase its efficiency. Working as a legal counsel can certainly provide a rewarding career, and the number of lawyers working in house is growing at a faster rate than that seen in private practice.

What is the average salary for in-house legal jobs?

In-house lawyers are among the highest-paid professionals in the UK, earning an average salary of £71,719, although this can vary widely depending on the sector and level of experience. Senior in-house lawyers, for example, can expect to earn an average of £99,431.

Where can I find in-house legal jobs?

Search for your next in-house job role in this section, covering all legal sectors including finance, property, commercial and corporate law.

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