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From professional indemnity solicitors to credit hire and claims advisors, we have a wide range of jobs in the insurance sector for negotiators, paralegals, associates and more.

What is insurance law?

There are many sub-specialisms in Insurance law. Usually, insurance lawyers will work on insurance cases against destruction of assets, or against mistakes made by professionals. The cases can vary in severity and range from local problems to international disputes.

What does an insurance lawyer do?

The type of work, insurance lawyers will do will depend on the firm and types of clients they have. In many cases, they may be representing customers who’ve had their claims rejected by their insurance provider. At the corporate end, lawyers may act on behalf of the insurance companies and may advise on claims being made against them, or on the transfer of business following mergers or acquisitions.

Insurance lawyers will need to review claims being made against or made by the client. And will need to advise the client on the strength of their case and ensure that they gain the most satisfactory outcome for their client.

What skills are required to become an insurance lawyer?

To become an insurance lawyer, you need to have a keen eye for detail and excellent drafting skills. As you will need to be through reading through contracts, policy drafts and understanding contract law. As you will be working for or against insurance companies, commercial awareness is important, as this will help you understand the client’s situation and be able to assess potential breaches of warranty.

What is the average salary for an insurance lawyer?

The average salary for an insurance lawyer in the United Kingdom can vary depending on factors like location, experience, and the size of the organisation that they work for. The average annual salary for insurance lawyers is £62,467 but this can range from £44,000 to £90,000. This range can vary based on factors such as the location (salaries tend to be higher in London and other major cities), the level of experience, and whether they are representing insurance companies or private individuals.

Where can I find jobs in insurance?

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