Legal Counsel Jobs

What do legal counsels do?

Legal counsels look after the legal needs of the organisation and providing advice on legal matters concerning a business/firm. Their core responsibilities involve contract drafting and reviewing, negotiating contracts and agreements, providing advice in aspects related to risk management, regulatory compliance, and dispute resolution while managing a company’s legal risks. A legal counsel assists and guides an organisation through any important corporate transactions, e.g., licensing or finance agreements or areas such as the safeguarding of intellectual property rights. They will negotiate the terms of the contracts with a third party to get the optimum agreement for the company.

What is the average salary for legal counsel jobs?

A legal counsel can earn anywhere between £62,000 to £82,000 in the UK, although this can vary widely depending on the firm, sector, and your level of experience. Senior legal counsels in London can earn an average of £94,000, this figure may exceed far over £120,000, depending on the firm.

Where can I find legal counsel jobs?

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