Legal Executive Jobs

What is a legal executive?

Alongside solicitors and barristers, a legal executive is one of the three core legal professions in the UK. Although the type of work and route to qualifying is similar to the other two legal professions, the types of legal tasks they are authorised to handle and the type of qualifications they need is different. A legal executive’s practice will be more specialised, focusing more on a specific area of law. In the past legal, legal executives were known as chartered legal executive. Although, this term is still used, it may not be as common as before.

What is the role of a legal executive?

As legal executives are generally specialised in a specific area in law such as family law, they will often work alongside solicitors, providing legal advice, researching cases, legislation, drafting legal document and interacting with clients. Sometimes they may have limited client representation in a court setting. Usually, legal executives are not allowed to perform ‘reserved legal activities’ (this would include litigation, exercise of a right of audience, conveyancing, probate activities, and notarial activities) unless they act under a qualified solicitor or firm.

What is a legal executive’s salary?

The average salary for legal executives can vary across the United Kingdom depending on factors like location, area of law, organisation and experience level. The average annual salary for a legal executive is £32,525 but this can range from £26,000 to £42,000 *(Glassdoor figures). After a CILEx qualification, this could be between £35,00 and £55,000.

How to become a legal executive?
To become a legal executive in the UK, you could do a law degree of a graduate diploma in Law. Those considering this path will need 2 to 3 A levels. An alternative path could be to take CILEx qualifications such as the Level 3 Certification in Law and Practice or CILEx Level 6 Professional Higher Diploma in Law and Practice, or you could start by taking a Paralegal Level 3 Advanced apprenticeship and move up the ladder an apprenticeship.

Where can I find legal executive jobs?
If you are a legal executive in search of your next jobs. Search and apply on, whether you are new to the field or have a number of years of experience as a legal executive, you can find several roles with us.

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