Legal Assistant Jobs

What is a legal secretary?

A legal secretary in the UK is a professional who provides administrative and clerical support to lawyers, solicitors, and legal professionals within law firms, legal departments of companies, or government agencies.

What is the role of a legal secretary?

A legal secretary may be expected to prepare legal documents, manage correspondence, schedule appointments, maintain client records, assist with legal research, and handle billing and invoicing. Legal secretaries also have a duty to ensure confidentiality, organise court filings, and manage the administrative aspects of a law firm or legal department, contributing to its efficient and organised operation.

What is a legal secretary’s salary?

The average salary for legal secretaries in the United Kingdom can vary depending on factors like location, organisation, and experience level. The average annual salary for a legal secretary is £38,737 but this can range from £32,000 to £46,000.

How to become a legal secretary?

To become a legal secretary in the UK, you typically need a strong educational background, including GCSEs or A-levels, or equivalent qualifications, along with specialised training from accredited legal secretary courses. Develop essential skills in document formatting, legal terminology, and seek entry-level positions in law firms or legal offices to gain practical experience. Networking and ongoing professional development can further enhance your career prospects in the field.

Where can I find legal secretary jobs?

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