Paralegal Jobs

What is a paralegal?

A paralegal is trained to assist lawyers in a variety of different legal capacities. Paralegal job roles take on more responsibility than clerical tasks but differ from lawyer roles in that the role does not require you to be qualified as a regulated provider under The Legal Services Act 2007. Usually, these will involve a variety of administrative or legal work such as drafting legal documentation or conducting research, and supporting a lawyer’s or law firm’s work.

What does a paralegal do?

Paralegal job roles will vary depending on experience and their area of specialism. Paralegals jobs are found across the public, private and not-for-profit sector, and can specialise in a range of different areas including family law, conveyancing, dispute resolution, employment, family, personal injury, litigation, and crime. General duties of a paralegal will include preparation of legal documents, administrative duties and conducting research. They may also be responsible for providing quotes to clients, interviewing clients or witnesses, and giving clients legal information.

What are the working hours of a paralegal?

Paralegals will generally work around a Monday to Friday structure in an office environment; however, the average hours worked a week will vary depending on the organisation and specialism.

Government and corporate roles will generally be structured around a 9am - 5pm working day. Private law firms may work longer hours in the case of client emergencies and trial preparation. In many roles, a paralegal will occasionally be required to go to court and attend other meetings.

How do you become a paralegal?

Unlike other law roles you won’t need a degree to become a paralegal, although it is essential you have a good knowledge of the legal sector and processes. Work experience in the sector will be valuable when applying for a paralegal role, such as pro bono work and open days.

Those new to the profession can take specialist qualifications that can give them the knowledge and skills necessary to work as a paralegal. Some of the skills a paralegal will need to work effectively are: communication, research, and organisations skills, expert-level written English, time management, problem-solving, IT, and administration skills.

*Please note that all salaries are based on Glassdoor 2021 figures.