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What do jobs in public law involve

Public law work in the UK involves working with legal issues and several practice area regarding the relationship between the public, government or public authorities. This can range from various aspects of the government's actions, decisions, and their impact on citizens and organisations or private client matters to advising local authorities and government on constitutional, tax and criminal matters. Professionals working in public law should ideally have a deep understanding of constitutional, administrative law, human rights, and judicial review. Examples of jobs in public law are government legal advisors, public sector solicitors, human rights lawyers, legal policy analysts, academic researchers, or judicial review specialists.

For those with a genuine interest in human rights, politics and how society is governed, public law can provide a truly meaningful and rewarding career.

What is the average salary for law jobs in the public sector?

The average salary for lawyers working in the public sector tends to range between £35,000 to £45,000. This may vary depending on your experience and seniority level. Those looking at jobs in London may be given a higher salary than other regions in the UK.

Where can I find public sector law jobs?

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