The support structure at Setfords is not just about meeting the needs of our consultant solicitors, but going far beyond their expectations. We have dedicated 14 years to building the biggest and best support team in the industry and, because we understand one size does not fit all, we tailor this support to suit individuals and teams. Our consultant solicitors can focus on their clients because they know our 80-strong team will look after everything else.


Our expert team deals with all financial transactions for Setfords, ensuring your clients can be confident their monies are being handled safely.

business-dev3xBusiness Development

Our executives are responsible for generating millions of pounds in business for our lawyers.



A director-led department overseeing all compliance matters within the firm.



Design Support

Setfords’ designers work across all print and digital platforms, both internally and externally, and assist our lawyers with their own promotion.


Management Support

Our senior team, including CCO David Rogers, is on hand to offer strategic advice and support to all our lawyers.


Our team are experts in generating business through online channels and can help you plan your own marketing campaign.


Legal Support

We can build a team around our consultants using in-house lawyers, paralegals and trainees.


Reception & Telecoms

Our receptionists are trained to deliver a seamless service no matter where our lawyers are based.



Every piece of post received is scanned and uploaded to our case management system, allowing you to work in a paperless environment if desired.


Secretarial Support

Our highly-trained team is responsible for all typing and document preparation. You dictate, we do the rest.


Technical Support

Our IT team has been with Setfords for 10 years and ensure our remote working systems operate without interruption.